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Heal, nurture and love yourself. Everything we create or offer at our studio is for your well being.

a little nook, a babbling brook, the rooster greets the sun - hammer and nails, shovel and pail we work until it's done.
little toes need little socks and tiny little shoes,
we gather, we grow, teach little ones to know and listen for natures queues.

Avadata Yoga and Aromatherapy Studio, formerly Chasing Clouds, has been providing Superior Quality Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products to the community since 1998.
Aside from our extensive line of Aromatherapy Products, our studio offers Yoga Classes, Group Meditation, Reflexology Treatments and more.  Visit our events page for class schedule 

Erin Savage RYT 
I founded Chasing Clouds in 1998 after graduating from College, having taken entrepreneurial studies. We began as Chasing Clouds, a curated brick and mortar shop in Jordan, Ontario selling holistic gift items. After two years in business, everything came to a halt in the little tourism focused community. 9/11 occurred in September and shortly before the Christmas rush my little shop was robbed. They never found the criminals(believed to be a bunch of kids breaking and entering after hours) and sadly I couldn't keep with the slow winter and we closed our doors that spring. 
But I had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug! At the time Ebay was huge and I turned to the internet for the first time to liquidate my stock. 
In 2004 my son was born and I knew how important living naturally would be for us. I began to make our own products for a healthier home- including our famous Lavender Salve which was developed for Liam's diaper rash. 
Etsy came to the forefront for handmade artisans for me in 2008 and I joined becoming the Team Leader for the Niagara Etsy Artisans from 2008-2015. 
In 2011 I started organising group events. Beginning with First Sunday Stroll, to a once monthly market in St. Catharines called Brocante Luxe. I created Heirlooms Artisan Market and ran it for four years at Vermeer's Garden Centre in Welland. And I ran the first year of the Niagara portion of Etsy: Made in Canada.  
Between here and there a lot of exciting and life changing events occurred. And I couldn't have asked to have it any other way. Without boring you with my life's details I'll make a long story short. 
I gave up my event organising to a good friend who has taken it to new levels! 
I began to focus on my own spiritual needs. I became a yoga teacher in order to facilitate healing in those that seek it. 
Lee Joined our family in 2019 and here we are today. 

Lee Crompton RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of True Health Healing, is partnered with Erin to help others achieve complete wellness. Lee has facilitated healing in men and women with a variety of chronic health conditions. IBS, IBD, leaky gut, diabetes, allergies and weight-loss are just a few of the issues he has assisted his clients to overcome. With over 16 years of experience, Lee is an expert in Ketogenic Living and a proponent of real food for optimal health. Visit True Health Healing on Instagram (@t.h.h.revealed) for more information. This partnership of two business entities marry themselves together completely to encompass all aspects of wellness.​ 


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