Essential Oils can be used in may ways, both for their scent alone or for their therapeutic values. 

The most common ways are inhalation (passive and active), topically, and internally. 

To be clear, in many countries you are not legally allowed to prescribe/recommend essential oils to be taken internally and the main governing Aromatherapy Associations such as NAHA, CFA, BCAOA do not endorse it and to do so is in violation of their code of ethics. 

HOWEVER, in France they practice what is called Medical Aromatherapy or Aromatic Medicine (here in North America it is called Holistic Aromatherapy) and they ARE prescribed to be taken internally only by medically trained doctors, physicians, or medical herbalists. So, if not to be used internally the next best and most common ways to use Essential Oils are diffusion and topically. 

Diffusion can be active or passive. Active diffusion would be intentionally inhaling the vapours or scent such as through a facial steamer, personal diffuser, nebulizer or personal inhaler. Passive diffusion methods are things like an aroma bracelet, a read diffuser, patches and terra cotta discs. Active diffusion is great for respiratory infections, coughs, colds, flu, congestion, ect. as inhaled substances, the chemical constituents/medicinal properties pass through and down the sinuses and trachea and into the bronchi, bronchioles to the alveoli of the lungs where gaseous exchange occurs and they can then enter the bloodstream. 

This is what we have designed our Respiratory Blend for using the most highly antimicrobial oils for killing or inactivating viruses and bacteria of the respiratory system specifically. Inhalation allows for a maximum of 70% absorption, much more than the 10% absorption rate through the skin.

Topical application is great for skin conditions and cosmetic use (we have an amazing Anti-Aging Blend for this based on carrot seed oil) and sore joints, rheumatism and pain. Essential oil molecules are extremely minute and can penetrate the epidermis and reach the blood capillaries and lymph allowing for about a 10% absorption rate into the bloodstream. 

Skin is the largest organ, we eliminate toxins through it and absorb substances through it into the body. This is why we must be careful about what we are putting on our skin and the chemicals in certain products such as moisturizers, sun tan lotions, soaps, shampoos and perfumes. Essential Oils are a great natural alternative. We have designed all of our blends not just for scent but very intentionally for their proven therapeutic uses. You can read more about them in the product descriptions for each oil. 

Keep in mind when using essential oils that the chemical constituents of a plant can elicit an effect on the body. Some plants and oils can increase photo-sensitivity to the sun, raise or lower estrogen, increase circulation, thin mucous, calm or stimulate the nervous system, reduce pain, and so much more. 

As with all essential oils it is recommended to speak with a health professional before beginning any kind of application. Some oils May interfere with prescription medication, homeopathic remedy or your present health condition.